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In July, Fortune Magazine hired me to photograph a security checkpoint at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. This was to be published in their 9/11 issue last week but since the economy took a turn for the worse these pictures got bumped and sadly only one image ran on the Ipad app.

Photographing the TSA was an enlightening experience knowing the traveler’s side as well as I do.  With only a few exceptions, I have thought they are generally professional in light of the sheer number of people they have to deal with all day. But I am more in awe of the everyday folks that I see going through security. Business people, elderly, mothers or fathers traveling alone with their children as well as big families are more than accommodating, dutifully taking off their shoes, getting the pat down and/or being screened by a machine that is, let’s face it, pretty scary. Even with strobes set up all over the checkpoint and my trusty 8×10 camera, the line never slowed down, which was my worst fear. I had one assistant positioned on the pre-screened side asking, “Do you want to be photographed, yes or no?” and another on the other side obtaining release forms. Did many people say no? I would say about 80% said yes…  That’s fewer yeses than I normally get when I am just out shooting especially for a magazine, but not bad for people in a hurry.