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Woman behind Door, Photograph by Jo Ann Walters

Vanity + Consolation, the show of hauntingly beautiful photographs from Jo Ann Walters upcoming book by the same title will be closing at +Kris Graves Projects today.  If you haven’t already seen it, I would highly recommend getting out for it today.  In Vanity + Consolation, Walters pictures, made in her blue collar hometown of Alton Illinois, at first glance have the flavor of warm family snapshots.  However upon closer observation, they go to an intimate space that few would dare go with their own families.  This selection of images documents moments of nearly every age of women while men are largely absent.  In that absence, we are able to see the constant conversation that occurs between women and girls over generations.  Most striking are perhaps the light and humorous images of girls at play, even laughing, juxtaposed against the severe images of mature women.  It’s not clear where innocence is lost, but certainly recovering it, if that is even possible, would begin by looking at the journey in an honest way.  Luckily, Walters’ has done much of the work for us.  For more on Walters and Vanity + Consolation, you can read Amy Stein’s interview conducted with Walters on her blog here.

Closing: Today, December 19 2-5, 111 Front St. Gallery 224

Kids on Street Kissing, Photograph by Jo Ann Walters

Kids with Box, Photograph by Jo Ann Walters

Barbara, Photograph by Jo Ann Walters

Mother and Child in Water, Photograph by Jo Ann Walters

Bent over Backwards, Photograph by Jo Ann Walters

Girl with Curler, Photograph by Jo Ann Walters

Bird Girl, photograph by Jo Ann Walters

Elderly Woman, photograph by Jo Ann Walters.

Karaoke Lady, Photograph by Jo Ann Walters

On different note, after today, +Kris Graves Projects will leave the space in Dumbo Brooklyn for as yet undisclosed newer and brighter possibilities.  For the time being, he will be in private dealing.  So I imagine today’s opening/closing will have a decidedly festive feel.  I am going to attend and I am hoping to see you there.

Untitled, from Asser Levy Pool. 2010.

Here is your opportunity to see, in person, the Asser Levy 20×24 Polaroids I have been telling you about.  They will be on view in the back room at +Kris Graves Projects, 111 Front St., Gallery 224, DUMBO, Brooklyn, starting Tomorrow, Sept 2 until Oct 30.  Also showing in the main room is the dark landscape work of Andreas Gehrke so you don’t want to miss this one.  I will be attending the opening tomorrow from 6-8:30.  If you are reading this, you are invited.  Seeing the 20×24 Polaroids in person is nothing like seeing them as jpgs, believe me.  I still can’t take my eyes off them.

Fiumefreddo Bruzio, 2001. Photograph ©Greg Miller

I am included in the Sultry II show at Kris Graves Projects opening tonight.  It includes  a star studded cast including my mentor Lois Conner as well as  Matthew Pillsbury also a former student of Lois’s.  In addition to yours truly, here is the roster:  Jowhara Al Saud, Michael Cardinali, Daniell Cohen, Lois Conner, Jon Feinstein, Jason Hanasik, Gabriela Herman, K Yoland M, Matt Licari, Eduardo Lopez, Matthew Pillsbury, Manjari Sharma, Rafael Soldi, Brea Souders & Sari Wynne.

6:00pm – 9:00pm Kris Graves Projects, 111 Front St., Gallery 224, Brooklyn, NY  11201

I plan on attending so I hope to see you there!

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