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Schnecksville, 2005.

An exhibition of my County Fair photographs opens Thursday in Barcelona at Galeria Tagomago owned and masterfully run by Vicenç Boned and his wife Valérie.  My wife, Tina, my daughter, Gioia (4 1/2) and I are all here for the opening.  What an unbelievable city!  More on this as the week progresses.

Galeria Tagomago, Barcelona. L to R: Gioia, Tina and Vicenç Boned.

Last week the same photographs were included in the GETXOPHOTO Photo Festival Sept 2-5, on the streets of Getxo, the beach town suburb of Bilbao in Basque Country.  This year the festival was curated by Frank Kalero under the theme, In Praise of Leisure. I shared the stage with a very impressive lineup of photographers: Martin Parr, James Mollison, Steve Schofield, Phil Toledano, Martin Schoeller, Naomi Harris, Robert Huber, Nadav Kander, Anoek Steketee, Txema Salvans, Martin Kollar, Andreas Meichsner,Eduardo Arrillaga, Peter Dench, and the Mentalgassi collective.

GETXOPHOTO Festival last week, Sept 2-4.