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…with designer John Korpics on a photo editor last week.  I saw he mentioned my name among others.  I am happy to be on John’s mind.

I like to celebrate business as much as to show the reality of it. I love using people like Ben Baker, Greg Miller and Gregg Segal because their portraits do just that, they celebrate the individual, elevate them to almost heroic proportions.

You can see the full text of the interview here. Fortune photo editor Alix Colow hired me recently to photograph the IBM CEO, Sam Palmisano.  Here is an outtake from the shoot.

Sam Palmisano in his New York Office shot for Fortune Mag in December.

Some of my favorite-jobs-ever came while John was at Esquire including my Jesus shoot with then photo editor Nancy Jo Iacoi.

Las Vegas, 2001. Photograph by Greg Miller

It’s almost summer!  Time to get outside and start talking to strangers and what better way than with a big camera.  There is still space left in my class, The Large Format Narrative Portrait at Maine Media Workshop.  It runs next month June 12 thru 18.  It is kind of a crash course in finding your photographic voice in large format. Whether you are looking to move up to large format or are a seasoned LF shooter and just want to conquer your fear of approaching and photographing strangers, this could be the class for you and hey, hopefully you will have time to grab a lobster roll in the process.  The class quickly gets you up to speed in large format (it’s not that hard and the school provides cameras) then moves into shooting as many pictures you can before the week is up.  Processing is provided by the school so you can focus on shooting, classes are small, intimate and you get tons of one on one attention.

Greg helped me find my voice by encouraging me to use a larger format, but more importantly through his profoundly sharp, insightful, and constructive critiques.  He helped me slow down and develop my emerging style, skills I keep building on four years after taking his class.

-Former Student

To register click here or for more information go here.

Hope to see you there!

A scene from Maine Media Workshops 2010...

...and another.