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Buffalo Ranch, Oklahoma, 2007. Photograph by Becky Holladay.


After New York City has been pummeled of late by nature outside, 25CPW is opening it’s Nature Within exhibit tonight which features 18 full time ICP graduates.  The exhibit, curated by Minny Lee who’s work is also in the show, explores the natural world through eyes that are more often focused on the human world.  From the gallery’s website:

Many of the photographs in the exhibit do not have an overt human presence in the subject matter but only trace elements. Some photographs were taken in a familiar city street or local park while others were taken in places as far away as Bolivia, Kosovo and South Korea. Whether we stay locally or abroad, nature is omnipresent and we live within it and thanks to it.


Fishing Vessel, Wonsando. South Korea 2008. Photograph by Tom White.



false awakening from the series mid-water, 2010. Photograph by Sheila Griffin.



as above 11-17-07-n°0559, 2007. Photograph by Christian Erroi.



camera design, 2010. Photograph by Liz Sales.



Untitled from the series Riding the Dog, 2009. Photograph by Brendon Stuart.



Rio Tinto, 2008. Photograph by Victoria Amián Azcoitia.


If you have never been to 25CPW, it’s a former grocery store space turned into not-for-profit art gallery, event space (and now rental studio!).  Join their mailing list here for upcoming events.

25CPW, 25 Central Park West (at 62nd st), Opening Reception: October 15, 6-9pm, Meet the Artists: October 17, 2-5pm