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Untitled #1, from Asser Levy Pool. 2010. 20x24 Polaroid.

Here are the results of my 20×24 Polaroid shoot last Friday.  I took the legendary camera to the Asser Levy Pool on 23rd St and the FDR Dr. in Manhattan where I had photographed 15 years earlier.  We were there for 6 hours.  I shot a total of 9 sheets of 20×24 Polaroid, 6 different situations and represented here are the 4 that I consider to be… well.. good.

Untitled #2, from Asser Levy Pool. 2010. 20x24 Polaroid.

Untitled #3, from Asser Levy Pool. 2010. 20x24 Polaroid.

Untitled #5, from Asser Levy Pool. 2010. 20x24 Polaroid.

In typical NY fashion, most people at the pool couldn’t have cared less that there was this ginormous camera pool side.

L to R: Yours truly, Jennifer Traub and Nicole Cooke, photographs by Amy Skinner.

L to R: Jennifer Trausch, Barbara and Beba.

A wonderful byproduct of shooting with the huge Polaroid was that the people I photographed could see their pictures right then and there.  And not a tiny LCD image on the back of a camera, the huge show-stopping 20×24 print!  It had the weight of a historic moment.  When we pulled the first one (the one of the pregnant woman) everyone stared at it for a few minutes silent before saying anything.  Just the sound of children in the pool behind us.  It was really incredible.


The next shot.

Nicole removing excess chemistry.

Ryan, Tyler, Nicole and the camera.

End of the day back at the 20x24 Studio.

When we arrived back at the studio and unloaded, we were exhausted in the best way I can possibly imagine.  The wheels are already turning to figure out a way to do this again.  It was quite an honor to shoot with the camera.  In the meantime, the original Polaroids will be exhibited at Kris Graves Projects in DUMBO Brooklyn in September.  Details to follow…

Clockwise from upper left: Jennifer Trausch, Me, Robert, Georgia Williams, Nicole Cooke, Zach Gross, Ryan John Lee and Tyler McGuckin.

I would like to thank everyone who came out to support the whole endeavor:  mainly Jennifer Trausch who was the inspiration for me to shoot with the camera, Zach Gross, Nicole Cook, Tyler McGuckin, Elliot Goldstein, Amy Skinner, Georgia Williams, Ryan John Lee, Mae Ryan and last but not least, Robert Pattison (our intrepid truck driver that saved the day).  Also a special shout out to Andrew Hetherington, who put my blog on the map by giving us a plug and came all the way over to check it out.

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Chris Wilson, charter boat captain, Venice, La. Photograph by David Zimmerman

I just saw this on NPR’s Picture Show.  I love the makeshift studio aspect of this project, and how it aligns with Zimmerman’s personal  passion for the earth.  I mean, we all hate the spill but this guy was already on a mission before the spill.  From his website:

David’s studio in Taos, New Mexico was built to LEED certified standards for sustainability. His studio is entirely solar powered, uses catchment water and is passive solar heated.

And of course I am happy to see that it is shot 8×10.  If you believe in something that much, why would you point a small camera at it?

The peeling of the first Polaroid, Asser Levy Pool, July 30. Photograph by Amy Skinner.

Not to intentionally build suspense, but I am still reeling from Friday and will post about it soon.  But in short, photographing with the 20×24 was like photographing a person and 5 generations of their family in the same moment.

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